Osteria Cuccina, Marlboro NJ


Went to Osteria Cuccian a/k/a Buona Sera West last night. What a scene. Notwithstanding the less than ideal atmospherics, had a very sold, albeit very pricey meal. Beautiful night to sit in the outside patio. Classic rock tunes playing all night. Excellent service from the waitstaff. They have this housemade pineapple infused vodka. Delicious, but at $14 a pop, the bar bill quickly amassed. Started with kimono oysters … .small but sweet, and a fennel salad. Wife had giant (really giant) grilled shrimp over risotto. I had a bronzino special with stuffed shrimp and crabmeat swimming in a lemon/garlic wine sauce. Both entrees were terrific. $170 pretip is not a usual Thursday night out, but wife and I hadn’t been out in some time. I’ll probably return again sooner than my last visit more than a year ago.

(Junior) #22

Excellent and accurate review! (based on my previous experiences) I’m glad you got to enjoy the patio, I tried to sit at the outside bar and the cigar smoke made it very uncomfortable for dining. (and I enjoy an occasional cigar) FYI give Cuzzin’s Clam Bar, west (towards Freehold) on 79 about 1-2 miles on the right hand side. Similar crowd but excellent food at a slightly lower price point.