O'Steens at last! St Augustine FL

Oh joy! Finally got back to St Augustine for the Lights of Nights. It’s cold!

Last night went to O’Steens, and the man didn’t quite believe that it was as good as I said. But after a bowl of their unbeatable Minorcan clam chowder (awesome on a crisp night) and an order of their fried shrimp he’s a believer. The breading is elusive…
I’ve gotten close but have not quite managed to replicate it. It’s pale, but a light flavor and just the right crisp to complement the sweet fresh shrimp.

Forewarning…there’s no alcohol, no reservations, no credit cards, and no ambience, just great food and friendly service.

I know @meatn3 knows how much I was looking forward to it!


I just arrived in Fl. last night to visit family. But traveling with a cat made a stop at O’Steens impossible…Glad you finally got your fix!

Pm me of you get any free time…

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