Ossining, NY Village Fair 6/9 - Where to Eat

The Ossining Village Fair brings a big day of vendors and activities to the center of the village. What’s your favorite vendor/place to eat at the Fair? Most kid-friendly? Most adventurous? If you’re a meat eater, be sure to check out the SVF Kitchen stand, serving pulled pork from a whole roasted pig, cooked on site. The meat is savory and melt-in-your mouth delicious. They source their pasture-raised meat from their own NY farm! On other weekends you can find them at the Saturday Ossining Farmers Market.

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@DTE Welcome to Hungry Onion! I have been searching for a complete list of food vendors at the fair this Saturday and I can’t find it. Do you have a complete list? I am really intrigued by the BBQ place you mentioned-- I saw it in the email about the farmers’ market. Sunset View Farm-- Unrelated to the guy who did BBQ at the Earth day festival (Lex Taylor)? He is going to be at the Farm Fest on Sunday at Fable. Actually, that reminds me, I should put up that event as well.

Would love to know your favorite spots in Westchester-- feel free to chime in on our existing threads or start your own!

Thanks! We haven’t been given a full list but this is from Facebook: Food Trucks on Spring Street June 9th at the Ossining Village Fair!
Gyro Uno’s Greek & Mediterranean Food
Tacos, Burgers, Hot dogs, Pulled Pork and more at Octavio’s Food Wagon
Enjoy Ice Cream or Sorbet at Longford’s Mobile Scoop Shoppe
Put Some Meat on Your Bones with their amazing grilled cheese!
BriCin’s Slushies
New England Soft Serve Ice Cream, Lemon Love’s Lemonade, Soft Pretzels & Churros,
Raggae Boy’s Jerk Chicken And Nutmeg Concessions

  • Obviously not a full list!

Sunset View Farm (not related to Lex) sells their meats and eggs at the farmers market on Saturdays and has just started bringing a hot box to prepare a whole roasted pig for pulled pork. In the next few weeks they plan to add rotisserie chicken, burgers and breakfast sandwiches, all using their own pasture-raised/grass fed meats. They’ll do something of a preview at the Village Fair since there’s no farmers market that day.

Sounds great. Hopefully the weather will cooperate like it did on the day of the Earth Day festival!

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