Ossining NY Earth day festival 4/21

I’m realizing this is a bit last minute but today is the Ossining Earth Day festival, apparently the largest of its kind in Westchester. We went last year in the dreary misty rain and managed to enjoy ourselves. The fact that it’s sunny and above 40° today is reason enough for celebration! Sing Sing Kill brewery will be making its debut and Capt Lawrence and Six Degrees will also be there, so your beer needs are covered, and plenty of local food vendors will be there-- Los Abuelos for Mexican, Basta for Italian, a Jamaican place, plus more, and Blue Pig for ice cream. Lots of info on gardening and sustainability and we will be picking up our brand new compost bin! There will be live music too. It’s a fun community event!

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Sounds awesome! Wish I could be there. (Son#2 is under the weather) Have fun & please report back!

It was a great day! The weather turned out beautiful and there were great food and drinks aplenty.

We discovered Cravin’ Jamaican which had fantastic beef patties in both mild and spicy. Someone also had their honey BBQ wings and rice and peas. We found out they deliver so we will definitely be trying their oxtail and curried goat soon!

La Estacion Paisa is a new Colombian restaurant and their empanadas were crispy on the outside with flavorful fillings. We had another item, some sort of flat pancake type thing with shredded beef on top that wasn’t as impressive.

The bbq guy from last year was there and I have to find out who this guy is. He competes and I think caters but doesn’t have a storefront. His brisket was worlds better than Pik Nik and the pulled pork was extremely flavorful. Homemade pickles too and the option to have your sandwich on a beignet!

Sing sing kill has their very first beers available which was exciting to the beer lovers in our crew.

Blue Pig was scooping vanilla, chocolate, pig m&m, roasted banana, mint Oreo, and coffee.

It was a fun day and we are excited to have discovered a few new local spots!

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Sounds great! Is the Colombian place in Ossining? I love Colombian. I frequent a place near my job in the Bronx. Sounds like you had a patacon. It’s like a large toston (green plaintain) topped with all sorts of good stuff. I love empanadas. I’m sure as the weather gets warmer, they’ll offer cholados. Those are a must-try if you’ve never had one. It’s like a fruit salad-snow cone hybrid. So refreshing. :slight_smile:

Yes, its by the train station. I think it just opened. Thanks for helping me ID the patacon. That actually wasn’t our favorite as the beef was a little dry but some of the salsa doctored it up nicely. Between their empanadas and the Jamaican beef patties from Cravin’, we were happy campers! We will probably go check out the actual restaurant one of these days.

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