Ossining Bakery, 50 N Highland Ave Ossining, NY 10562

I had been wanting to check this bakery out for quite some time. I was finally able to get over there several weeks ago. I hesitated posting because the pics I have are shitty. I hoped to get back there to take additional and better photos before I started a thread but, I have not had the opportunity so I am posting with what I have.

I picked up donuts for someone we were visiting and chorizo bread and a cookie for me. The bakery supplies several local delis with their donuts and breads. Although all of the donuts are good, I particularly recommend their plain squarish cake donuts ( not pictured ) The chorizo in the chorizo bread reminded me more of a good quality smokey Kosher salami than chorizo, not what I expected but enjoyed nonetheless. I split toasted the chorizo bread and stuffed it with scrambled eggs and a bit of cheese. Does anyone know what the candy type of cookie is with the roasted hazelnuts? I ordered the chocolate variety but discovered I was given the vanilla when I got home … it was very sweet but the intense flavor of the deeply roasted hazelnut balanced the sweet … so very good

This bakery does not do birthday type cakes they primarily offer breads, rolls, donuts, pound cakes. I may have spotted a round apple cake as well …
Has anyone been there, can you recommend any of the baked goods?


Is it marzipan? What is the pastry above it? Looks yummy!

Not marzipan, the consistency was more like the middle of an oreo, in a non nauseating kind of way.
Directly above it is the chorizo bread I stuffed with scrambled eggs, as described in op.

Great description!

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Thanks for posting, Chowdom. I have passed by this place many many times and been inside once many years ago (don’t think we bought anything). It is not an impressive looking place but appearances can be deceiving. Maybe I’ll stop by for a treat once we empty our freezer of holiday goodies.

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The young man behind the counter who took care of me yesterday was the son of the owner.
Charming, friendly, lovely person … I really love this place both for the service and their baked goods

The squarish donuts with the powdered sugar are the ones I referenced in the OP
The sugar is optional … great with or without … picked up a variety of donuts and a hunk
of pound cake … can’t comment because we haven’t tried it yet … ps I don’t recall seeing any plastic there everything I have ordered has been either boxed or put in a paper/waxed paper bag

There wasn’t much bread out on display because I stopped in late and the baking had just begun. The dounuts were freshly baked because they were going for an early delivery


Oh, those cinnamon buns!! Chowdom , I can taste every one of these - love your food pix!!

They really are as good as they look :slight_smile:

sadly, ossining bakery has closed.

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Damn, DH grew up with the owners son, Super nice people

I knew one of the owners a little but hadn’t been since the pandemic started (we moved to nyc towards the end), he had by all accounts a beautiful place in portugal and his endgame was to move once his daughter started college. I think the closing more or less lines up with that event. It’s a little surprising, most of their business was wholesale and he said the retail business was really just a service to the community, I guess they couldn’t find a buyer.

I meant to ask the owner of first village if he knew what happened but I suppose at this point it’s moot.

They supplied Homefield Deli on Saw Mill River Rd in Yonkers, they most likely have the 411.
I too am surprised the business wasn’t picked up. TY for the updated info.

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