Osha Thai converting one outlet to Lao food [San Francisco]

She’s always been there cooking on my visits, although by happenstance those were always weeknights fwiw.

I don’t think they had a paper menu, just the big poster version on the wall next to the counter cut-out. I’ll try and get a photo next time I’m there. Note that the bowling alleys website does publish a menu of sorts , but it is lacking most of the Lao dishes!

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With that said, Lao Table looks like the fanciest Lao restaurant in the Bay Area. I think the price reflects the ambiance.

Photo from Hoodline.

With that said, Daughter Thai looks pretty nice too.

Got delivery from there the other night when I was working late–did not know the relationship with Osha. Wasn’t too concerned about price, because hey, expense reimbursement. That said, what I had (the grilled pork bowl) was delicious and ample, and I will definitely be ordering from there again when I have another midnight filing deadline.

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