[Osaka, Japan] Dining with a view at Teppan Grill Keyaki, New Otani Osaka

Teppan Grill Keyaki on the 18th floor of the grand New Otani Hotel, has perhaps one of the most spectacular views in the city: the seats at its three teppanyaki counters all look out the floor to ceiling glass windows towards the city’s iconic medieval Osaka Castle.

But that should not distract one from perhaps one of the best teppanyaki spots in the city. The teppanyaki chefs here worked with calm, methodical precision - none of the noisy fireworks one sees in low-brow exhibitionist spots like Benihana in the US.

  1. Lunch started off with a fresh tuna and avocado salad, with broccoli and spinach, served with Japanese dressing.

  1. Next, sea bream, daikon (white radish), takenoko (young bamboo) and Japanese mustard spinach (komatsuna).

  1. The meat course - Wagyu beef with garlic flakes, pea sprouts and onions.

  1. Dessert: Lemon sorbet with mango and kiwifruit.

Teppan Grill Keyaki
New Otani Hotel
Chuo-ku Shiromi 1-4-1
Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
540-8578 Japan
Tel: +81(0)6-6949-3228
Operating hours: 11:30am - 2:30pm (lunch)m 5:00pm - 9:00pm (dinner)


Very nice view indeed. What happened to the Wagyu? Virtually no marbling…

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They have a wide choice of Wagyu, from the marbled Kobe to those from other regions.

Do you remeber the cost of this meal? The Ritz and Hilton meals you posted were quite expensive. Was this one similarly priced? Also, is the meat course included in the package, or can you pick and choose each course?

I’m very excited to finally visit Japan later this summer. But, holy cow, Osaka is expensive!

It’s not a cheap city for sure. I don’t quite remember exactly now how much I paid for this lunch, but I think it’s about USD100 for one person.

I tend to spend more when I’m vacationing abroad, but prices in Tokyo/Osaka are also actually lower than those at similar places in Singapore, so I’m actually pretty happy.

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