[Osaka, Japan] Aroi Khao Man Gai ( アロイ カオマンガイ ), Umeda

Aroi Khao Man Gai ( アロイ カオマンガイ ) is one of those independent eateries which seek to be different from the plethora of restaurants, cafes & bistros which proliferate in Umeda (near Osaka Station), one of Osaka’s top two commercial/retail districts besides Namba, with their concentration of departmental stores and shopping arcades.

I couldn’t resist trying this all-Japanese-run Thai eatery. Appearance-wise, they got it 100% down pat - to the chilli dip (the heat factor drastically dialled down for the Japanese palate) and the fermented soybean dip. Scent-wise and taste-wise, the chicken rice didn’t quite measure up to the standards of those one finds in Thailand. But the use of Japanese rice, which is less aromatic than Thai ones, give the rice a semi-glutinous texture which I personally like very much.

The chicken - poached and dressed Hainanese-style, was served at room temperature, like it’s always done in Thailand, so they got it down pat. Ditto the light soup which completed the chicken rice set.

Aroi Khao Man Gai ( アロイ カオマンガイ )
大阪市北区堂島2-2-34 クリエ堂島 1F
530-0003 Osaka
Tel No.: 06-6345-6680
Operating hours: 11am-11pm (unless sold out earlier)

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Nice!!! Who would have thought you can find Hainanese Chicken rice in Japan. Looks good and yummy!!!

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