Orphan Home Cooking topics?

Since there are subcategories in Home Cooking, I suggest that Home Cooking be removed as a choice for category when creating a new topic. There are a couple of topics that don’t show up in any of the category lists for home cooking (e.g. Home Cooking - Cooking & Baking; Home Cooking - Gardening, etc). I note that none of the other categories that include subcategories have the top level category as a choice in the drop-down box when creating a new topic, except for Home Cooking. It took me a while to figure this out, because I kept seeing a couple topics on the list of topics displayed below the subcategory lists when selecting Home Cooking, but they weren’t listed in any of the list of topics when I selected a subcategory to view its topics. Preserving apples is the only topic that springs to mind immediately, but there are one or two others.

I’m not sure if category and subcategory are the correct terms and I hope this makes sense. Bottom line there are three orphan Home Cooking topics that need to be on the Home Cooking - Cooking and Baking subcategory.

This drives me crazy too. But I wasn’t aware that its only a problem in Home Cooking. let me look into this. thanks for flagging.

You can tell it is only in home cooking by creating a new topic when on the home page, and looking at the drop down box where you select a category. Home cooking is the only major category that is listed in addition to the subcategories. That is, you are able to select Home Cooking, or Home Cooking - Cooking and Baking, or Home Cooking - Cookware, etc. For all the other categories the “parent” can’t be selected on its own.

Thanks for being this up!! I thought it was me.

this is fixed. let me know if you still run into issues.