Oro - Jason Fox's New Place

Really enjoyed our first visit to Oro last night. We decided to do their “blind tasting” menu, which at $75 (service included) is a tremendous value.

The advantage of the tasting menu is you get a bunch of stuff that isn’t on the regular menu, including a really nice charcuterie plate (all made in house). I also made sure we got the uni with scrambled egg on toast. This is an outstanding bite, which I can’t recommend highly enough.

Other highlights included manilla clams with cabbage and nduja, and a rice porridge with egg and mushrooms. The weakest course was a whole rock cod served tableside. Similar to Petit Crenn the person de-boning the fish did a pretty lousy job. I love when restaurants serve whole fish, but it really seems like more places need to spend more time training folks how to do this properly. Anyway, the fish was a bit dry and very dense, so the extra bones didn’t help.

I’m glad we did the tasting menu for our first visit, and I look forward to returning to Oro to check out more of the a la carte menu.

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