Orignal Post's Start Date?

Let’s be clear. First, I don’t know how to use this site to its fullest extend. Second, maybe this is not supported.

Anyway, I am curious, if it is possible to display the the start date for a thread, not just the last reply. There are many advantages if this information is available. For one, people won’t accidentally reply to a 5 years post. Maybe this is not something we have to worry right now, but it will be nice to just put it in the back of our mind. Thanks.

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methinks it would be a wonderful idea to either lock/autolock threads older than x years or have a blurb pop up when a user hits reply to ancient history
“The last post on this topic was 25 years ago, are you sure? Ctrl-Alt-Del”

The system is already configured to warn user when they reply to something more than a year old. We’ll see how well it works a year from now.