Original Post Date...

I am not sure whether this is possible with this forum software, but for me… seeing the original post date of a topic would be welcome. There seems little point in responding to a topic asking about what they are cooking tonight when it was posted three years ago.

Can this be added?

That date appears on the side (vertical) scroll bar and within the top box when the thread is created. If you are responding to the last post or not seeing/using the scroll bar, you might miss the date.

Even in a very old, very long thread it always tell you the original post date in the top right. For example in the “let’s introduce ourselves” thread:

But only after the thread has been opened. Other than in search results, there is no indication of the original post date in lists (latest, unread, new, etc.).



Lists are by default sorted by topic ‘freshness’ Really old discussions should be near the bottom of the lists. If no one has replied for 3 years, wouldn’t that also mean the topic is old itself?

I see both the original date of the very first post and the last reply when mouse cursor is over the time stamp in the “activity” column (on “latest” page).

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Ah, I’m mouse-less. All touch screens.

This can help, see mobile device. You can see the date while scrolling.

Yes, I use the scroll bar all the time. I was referring to the hovering with a mouse suggestion.