Origin of Burrata

I love burrata.

Light reading:


Good read, thanks!
I just bought some for the first time, although we’ve (mostly daugter) had it at restaurants. How do you eat it? Can you store it once it’s cut? This one was from a local northern California dairy farm, and stored in brine

Try to finish all of it once it’s been sliced open. Also, it’s a fresh cheese and best eaten young as it doesn’t stay fresh and good for long.

At my house it doesn’t last long and one ball is not enough for the both of us!






Gonna make this again, with burrata.


Dug this up to share a recent quote from the hub. “What do people like about burrata? Too much flavor…let’s add some burrata!”.

He’s denying it.


What is that and how is it to be eaten?

With knife and fork.

I always slice the vegs and pile them on the plate but not this time. Also, waited until after the photo was taken then poured some oil over the food. Otherwise there would be too many bright spots on which the light reflected.



I love burrata. Sadly I have become lactose intolerant so burrata no longer loves me.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold