Organic preposterousness

The August issue of Bon Appetit has a full-page ad for American Spirit, a brand of cigarette touting its tobacco and menthol as organic.
The warning boxes note that being additive-free and organic doesn’t mean they are safer. Gimme a moochin’ break! My cynicism meter just exploded. Besides, can there be very many organic devotees who are also SMOKERS?

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Ever since it was introduced in the '80’s, American Spirit has been the cigarettes of choice of those who wanted a healthier, organic, option for poisoning themselves with tobacco.

It is VERY popular! For almost 40 years it has had a devoted following as the only natural and organic cigarettes. Freakin moronic A holes. Anyone who thinks organic is more than just a marketing label joins that group.

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I assumed it was a new product. The ad included a promo of a pack for $3.

The discount offer is their standard advertising. Purchase a car or outdoors magazine and you will see their ads, probably since the mid-90s.


Who knows? Maybe they are coming from the angle of environmental as opposed to health. Much like organic cotton clothing.


CK, you nailed it. Organic culture preserves soil health, benefits animal life and protects ground and surface water. So at least the buggers MIGHT not be screwing up the environment whilst screwing up the people who use the product.
A kinder, gentler slow death? :frowning:


While I am no longer a smoker, I can certainly understand why you would want to smoke either an organic cigarette, or at least one without additives. While inhaling tobacco smoke is certainly not good for your body, where the American Spirits have an advantage is the lack of added chemicals, which in my medical opinion (and I do work in the medical industry), worsens the potential harmfulness of tobacco. I mean if tobacco is bad for you (and we know it is), add acetone, or any one of the other ridiculous pantheon of chemical additives, and it’s not hard to see that those cigarettes would be worse for you. Here’s a wikipedia list of cigarette chemical additives.

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