Organic Pharmer opening in Scarsdale...

There already is an Organic Pharmer in the Rye Ridge Shopping Center, Rye Brook. I noticed a new store close to opening on Garth Road, Scarsdale, near the railroad station. The menu offers health conscious sandwiches, wraps, juices, spreads and breads, gluten free baked goods, cold brewed coffee and teas. Their website says: ‘a new breed of grab & go health food eatery’…

I just looked at the website and I have to say, the menu sounds completely unappealing! And I am not that picky!

For example…fake tuna wrapped in a kelp leaf?


sunflower seed ‘tuna’ spread, wrapped with crisp cucumber, romaine lettuce and fresh chives inside a mineral-rich kelp leaf. Served with a wedge of lemon and affilla cress.

I’ll stick to the salads at Lange’s!

OMG - if I had to eat that all the time I would lose weight from the retching.

I always check out the craigslist job ads in the local food industry to keep on top of things and saw their job postings a month or so ago. I was totally grossed out by their food items as well.

I tend to agree, but there is a certain vegan lifestyle that swears by this type of food…

Hah! Good one, Gwenn.

They’ll probably get all the ladies who lunch. Eat lousy food and then retch.

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