Organic Foods Could Ward Off Cancer

I saw this posted in Google News and thought this group might be interested. Without fully reading the detailed findings (link 2), I wonder if perhaps the group that is eating more organic food is also a group that is more aware of their health in general (eating less crap, exercising more, drinking less, blah blah blah).

Any study depending on self reported data will have significant weaknesses… that said i would also wonder if those consuming organic foods are also consuming a larger quantity of unprocessed foods all together and a more nutrient dense diet. Certainly worth further studies.
I personally try to buy the “dirty dozen” organic yet when that’s cost prohibitive i believe that buying and eating lots of produce - organic or not- is iverall beneficial


I’m with you on all points. Personally, I’ll also tend to choose produce from my farmers market that may be conventionally grown over organic at the super market. My thought process is that it is fresher and with more nutrition. And I support my local farmers. I don’t know if there is any scientific evidence to support this theory.


I feel the same. And some farms that are practicing organic methods can’t legally call themselves organic because they haven’t been doing it for five years or whatever the requirement is. And the requirements aren’t really standardized.


That is another great point on organic farming.