Oren's Hummus, SF

I had lunch at Oren’s Hummus on 3rd St. in San Francisco yesterday. It was pretty good (especially the mint lemonade), and I have a question about the pita. It was much thicker and fluffier than the pita I buy at the store. Is this a special type of pita? Is it an Israeli version? Just curious. Thanks.

I’d love to know too. Yes we enjoyed their pita quite a bit. Fluffy and moist.

It might be. Sababa, an Israeli-run mini-chain, also makes their own pita and it’s nice and thick like that. Holds up really well to all of the stuff they put into the sandwiches!

Add Old Jerusalem to that list!

Jonathan Kauffman wrote about Aroma’s Hamati pita, a company out of San Bruno that distributes a similar type of Palestinian/Israeli style pita to restaurants and grocery stores. I learned about the stuff from Israeli roommates who got it at Berkeley Bowl, and I’ve gotten it in SF at a few Middle Eastern markets as well as Valencia Farmer’s Market.

Once I got exposed to this type of bread, I’ve never been able to fully enjoy Mahmoun’s falafel of Manhattan/New Haven, which uses the flavorless pita common in the US

As a reminder, Oren’s SF is a branch of Oren’s that started in Palo Alto, opened second in Mountain View, and is now spreading out. Around our house, it gets the nod on the late side because they are honestly open until 10:45. We don’t go during main service ( like 7 to 8 ) because the lines are too long — it’s a small place.

That same bread is at the Palo Alto and Mt View locations.

I think they have online waitlist now if you ever want to eat during the dinner rush.

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The tables are so close together in the Palo Alto location that it’s unplesant when actually full. And, bad parking. But thanks for the thought!

Not a full restaurant, but that corner of the Town & Country mall is never particularly crowded in the evening.