Oren's Hummus coming to SF Tues 7/10/18, near SFMOMA

I’m following Oren’s Hummus and they announced the SF location opening Tues 7/10/18, it’s 1 block from SFMOMA which is very exciting. They have many locations: Mtn View, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Levi’s Stadium, and some farmer’s market. They will have shakshuka and we can get it all day long, not available for take-out though.

Oren’s Hummus
71 3rd St, SF


Oddly I haven’t had their shakshuka yet. Have to remedy that at some point. Have enjoyed their pita, hummus and grilled meat. I don’t know if this location has it yet, but the PA location lets you get in line with some app. Saves time.

I went to the new Oren’s in SF and tried the shakshuka Thurs 7/12/18. It took them a very long time to bring me my traditional shakshuka $13.50 and when I got it it the eggs were overcooked almost hardboiled to me, and sauce was nothing special. I put tons of the spicy green sauce all over the dish to make it better. Only 1 pita given with it, extra are 80c piece, gluten free $1.5 more per piece. The FREE cabbage that others got I had to ask for, cabbage I liked. They do have a take-out section next to the sit-down so I might try sabich one day, just not in any hurry.