Oregon- Highway 101 from Gold Beach to Newport- recommendations?

We’ll be doing a roadtrip from California up highway 1. We’ll be spending a couple of days in Oregon, from Gold Beach on the Southern End, to around Newport/ Waldport. We haven’t really been to Oregon Coast before. Does anyone have any good eats they would recommend for this stretch of the coast?

We’ll be spending at least one night in Bandon.

Separate question, does anyone know if the pate de fruit from Made In Oregon is sold anywhere along the coast? I didn’t see any coastal shops from their list of vendors.



A start.

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Just as a fyi, it is Highway 101. Highway 1ends in Leggett. And you can’t get to Gold Beach without going through Brookings, it’s the first town across the border. I think Cranberry Sweets in Bandon have what you are looking for.


One of my favorite places…


Thanks for the suggestions! Brazilian food along the Pacific coast? Who would have thought?!

Oooops. Funny I was looking at the map for the entire day yesterday so I don’t know why I still referred it as highway 1. Corrected.

Yes! You are right. The brand is Cranberry Sweets. The shop I used to get it from was Made in Oregon in Portland. Nice- factory store at Coos Bay and flagship store at Bandon. Do you happen to know if its cheaper at the factory store?

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Both locations use the same web page so I would assume same pricing.

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“Sorry - just saw this😎
For CC, the Chart Room and Seaquake are great, for Brookings my favorites are Superfly, Panchos and Pacific Sushi - or check out Zelda’s or Fat Irish Pub in Harbor”

Any thoughts on these? Via My friend who moved from CC to Brookings.

I can’t help with restaurants, I haven’t dined out in years. I’ve been to Pancho’s, I prefer Rancho Veijo, but as I said it’s been a long time. If you mean Zola’s and not Zelda’s their pizza is very good. I think Fat Irish is owned by the same people as Superfly, haven’t been to either, my sister likes their potato vodka.


I’ll ask her.

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Yeah those plants are very cool! My ex-in laws live at the end of that road on Mercer Lake so I’ve wandered around there a few times.

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A real life little shop of horrors. :slight_smile:

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Love Mo’s and the Annex; there’s something about that chowder and the ridiculously decadent bread/toast that I miss at the strangest moments.

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