Oregon Dungeness crab season open (2023/24)

Oregon’s Commercial Dungeness Crab Season Is Underway After a Short Delay (wweek.com)

My local Safeway (WA) appears to have it ($7.99/lb.) I won’t know for sure until I call or go in.

Have seen lots of crab in San Francisco fish markets this week. In Chinatown and on Clement street. Ranging from $8 ~ $12/lb.

Our local season has not opened yet, so this bounty is mostly likely from Oregon.

Good sized Dungies, and feisty too.

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Neighbor just called to ask me if I needed anything from Safeway. Two fresh crabs heading my way! I love it when life works out like that.


Ugg. I take it back. Even though I specifically said not frozen/defrosted. It’s frozen/defrosted. It says so right on the label. That’s what I get for being too lazy to get my own. I called, they will have fresh tomorrow. At least the crab is still frozen. I will defrost some other day and use in enchiladas or something.