Orchard Park by David Burke (East Brunswick)

This restaurant opened a few weeks ago in a new hotel across from the Middlesex Fairgrounds. Out of curiosity, I ordered a burger for take out to scope it out a bit. Seems like a very nice place, but with only two table occupied it seemed deserted. I’m surprised the project wasn’t put on hold until after the pandemic. Sorry for not taking the muffin top off for a better look at the burger, but it was thick and tender. I’ll be back for a more thorough evaluation once maskless dining is safe again.



Was that bun an english muffin? And if so, was it toasted?

Yes, an English muffin. It was either toasted or placed on the grill for a few seconds.

Has anyone been here? I was chatting with the owner of an indoor play place my daughter loves today while we played hooky. He mentioned heirloom and il nido. Then this place so was intrigued if he thinks they are in the tier.