Oporto Fooding House and Wine - Houston

I ventured into the millennial’s restaurant/bar territory of midtown to try this Portugese tapas-style restaurant.

We had octopus which was terrific, but very late, piri piri sauced fried chicken thigh sandwich, grilled sardines with pan con tomate, mortadella, a veggie falafel wrap for our vegetarian and basil custard ice cream with candied basil. The basil was strong, maybe a tad too strong.

The service was uber slow beause there appeared to be only one waiter. We flagged a busser to get the manager who was doing a little of nothing to help, and he got us what we needed at that moment, but then went back to his station in life. I would expect managers to help out when a place is understaffed. Or the male greeter, or the bartender. Really anyone with two hands.They are paying all these people and yet the tables were badly underserved. How is that good business? The table of 4 next to us got 3 meals and had to point it out once they were able to get someone over. I understand someone calling in sick, but I guess restaurants know that this means most of the people won’t return. A little creative service would have earned loyalty. But it’s not my business, so… Here’s some pictures. Grade: B-


FullSizeRender (22)FullSizeRender (21)IMG_0062IMG_0060


Very disappointing. I have had this place on my list to try since we did the focus on charcuterie a year or so ago. Still may have to try it - just lower my expectations.

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