Openings/Closings - Q2 2024 (Boston/New England)

That one hurts a lot. Almost every restaurant and bar I enjoyed in my younger years is gone.

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I definitely let loose several expletives when I saw the news.

I read about this too. Oof, I have memories of this when they first opened because we used to work right at that corner of Tremont and Beacon Sts. This was at first a quiet little haunt that we liked to head to for lunch or after work chilling. Their food was always way better than you would expect from a basement bar. It really exploded in popularity after I changed jobs. Sad to see it go.

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Wow, I don’t follow the Portland scene as closely, even though I love that city dearly and all its wonderful restaurants. Duckfat was one of my first dining experiences in Portland. We had Hugo’s later that evening for dinner, and had one of my most memorable meals there. Good for them for retiring; I hope the new keepers of Duckfat keep it going at the same level.

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Otto on Walnut Street in Newtonville is now open. Looking forward to reports.

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We really miss Hugo’s. It was our single favorite restaurant anywhere when Rob owned it. We never liked the change in vibe that came with the new ownership, especially sitting at the bar, but not interacting with the staff. We usually end up at Honey Paw, or Central Provisions when we eat out in Portland these days, though the meal we had recently at Twelve reminded us of the good old days at Hugo’s.


We felt the same way about Hugo’s. How encouraging to hear that Twelve might be able to scratch the same itch. It’s going on my list.

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Twelve does a 5 course tasting menu, that you can also order ala carte. Every dish we had was spectacular, and even as a carnivore, the opening dish of a braised and fried sweet potato in dashi was my favorite dish of the night. Not cheap (not that Hugo’s was either), but I’m looking forward to returning soon.


La Paloma in Quincy is closing after service on June 29th. This place is an institution locally for some, given that it’s been in business for 40+ years and for a long stretch might have been the only Mexican food option, outside of a Taco Bell.

This was not the place for authentic and interesting Mexican cuisine, but it filled a hole for those who wanted fajitas and a lot of margaritas and tequila. I’ve lived in Quincy for 30+ years now and have never been. :sweat_smile: