Open Table - Be Careful of your Points

So,open table now has a new system. Where you used to get points automatically for booking and dining at a restaurant through their website, you now have to chose if you want points for this reservation. Ok, once you figure that out, no problem. BUT, did you know that if you have to modify your reservation you no longer get the points? Any changes at all - number of people, time, no points. I have had two instances where I got an email a few days after dining at my open table made reservation that they hoped I enjoyed it but I would not be getting points. So I emailed customer service, and after they told me maybe I didn’t make the reservation on their website (which I always do for the points) they finally told me I had to actually check off where or not I wanted points and the stuff about modifying the reservation. They did, in both cases, put the points back in, but I think this is quite underhanded. And what advantage to them? Unfortunately, you can’t pick how to make your reservation since restaurants use different systems . Of course, in protest I could call, but that only hurts me! Just had to vent!

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Until I read this thread, I didnt know OT did points. Checking my profile, I see I have 1400 of them. System says my next “reward” will be when I hit 2000. What’s the nature of this “reward”? Am I likely to want it?

I only use OT, or the likes of Bookatable, simply because it’s easy, not least prior to any trip several times zones away or where language where be an issue on the phone.

You can get a restaurant coupon, choices limited, or an amazon gift card. I don’t use OT specifically for the points, I use whichever app the restaurant uses. But, they changed the system without notifying people which I think is wrong.

'Gotta be those damn Millennials again, thinking they rule with impunity.


I hear ya, I gave up using the points because the restrictions keep piling up but to see if I can nab a rez its still a handy pocket tool.

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Old guy chiming in here. I’ll never be an “early influencer”. I prefer to call a restaurant directly to make a personal reservation. I’ve made a score of group restaurant reservations by visiting the restaurant personally to secure space. Big side benefit, while there I get to take in a lunch ahead of time.

(disclaimer: used Open Table once, to book a dinner at Emeril’s Delmonico in NOLA–pre Katrina. Got the res for 9:30 PM. Okay with that because it was… Emeril’s. Someone from the restaurant called us back the next day and told us: “We can give you a table at 5:30, if you’d like.” We took it and had a remarkable dining experience. Haven’t used Open Table since.)

I like your strategy as long as its a place nearby and you’re hungry for lunch. I use OT for places I wont be near until the day/night of that rez. Often restaurants Im trying for the first time. And, sure calling ahead or stopping by is ideal but its been my exp. that when I call the phone isnt being answered at that hour or Im calling when the place is jammed and I get 2 seconds to speak.

Locally, I rarely make a rez for just 2-3 people; just groups and thats way in advance.