Open Market

No one really should be posting about a mini-mart, in the middle of Koreatown, but this place, OPEN MARKET, deserves more love than just what the LA Times can provide.

OPEN MARKET is sort of what a love child would look like if a typical 7-Eleven had a torrid one night orgy with e stretto, Mendocino Farms, and Wax Paper and everyone forget their protection at home.

What to get here? Avocado toast (don’t hate me but this one is special), the Normandie (a french dip with a Korean/Japanese twist) and the Çılbır (which is like a chilled dairy version of eggs in purgatory).

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Hi @ipsedixit,

Very nice! :slight_smile: Do you know if they bake their own bread for the sandwiches? Or where they get it from? I’d imagine it must be quality.

Clark Street.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold