Open Crumb - Soul Food/Ghanaian in Anacostia

This is one of those rare places that serves lovingly prepared food in humble surroundings. I tried four dishes, each one at least very good, with one complete standout.

The standout dish is the kutumeri, described as coco-yam leaf, egusi, tomato, and onion served with jollof rice. This was such a hearty and pleasant plate of food. Everything came together so well in this dish, all ingredients given equal sway. Like a bowl full of good vibes.

The peanut soup is also highly likeable, a very thick concoction. The Red Red is plantains and red beans mixed together that benefits from the slightly sweet hit from the plantains.

Finally, a special of shrimp and okra gumbo with another very thick sauce, great depth of smokey flavor, made with a ton of palm oil.

Although there are four tables to eat inside, it’s too cold to eat there in winter. Most folks are getting carry out.

Not cheap, but totally worth it.