(Ontario) Swiss Chalet's Rotisserie Beef

Well I decided to take one for the team and try Swiss Chalet’s new rotisserie beef menu. You know how you may call yourself a “foodie”, but with all due respect each one of us has a “guilty pleasure”? Even David Chang has McD’s chicken nuggets as his gp. For my family we have Swiss Chalet as one gp (there are a couple more but we don’t need to get into it). Anyhow I got a pamphlet in the mail advertising SC’s new rotisserie beef menu. There are 4 offerings :

  1. hot rotisserie beef sandwich (think of the hot chicken sandwich with gravy, but instead filled with beef)
  2. rotisserie beef kaiser (again chicken kaiser sandwich but instead filled with beef)
  3. 7oz rotisserie beef dinner
  4. 10 oz rotisserie beef dinner

IF you pick up your order, and for a limited time, there is a discount for these meals. If you do take out or dine in you pay full price. I ordered the 7oz dinner. Now nowhere on the pamphlet does it mention what cut of beef they’re using. The photo kind of reminds me of a brisket although they do use the word prime a few times so I’m not sure what the cut is. That said I don’t believe this is prime rib. As with many places these days especially chain restaurants, the pictures on the pamphlets DO NOT resemble what’s served to you. I did receive, more or less, 7 oz of beef (I weighed it). It did have an okay beefy flavour. It was lean, slightly dry even with the gravy. It was carved thin, not thick like the photos and reminded me more of the frozen TV roast beef dinner from Swanson’s. Maybe it was the location, but from what I received, I don’t think it was worth the price at tall. I may try it at a different location and see if it’s the same. I would have been better off going to Montana’s and getting a beef rib dinner. For now I recommend sticking with the chicken.

I packed it in with SC back in the early 2000’s. That said, if I ever want to go on a 3 day cleansing, I’ll be back.


“…3 day cleansing…”

LOL! True dat!