Ono Korean BBQ and Hawaiian, Matawan nj

Any intel on this?

Ono Korean Barbeque


We went a couple weeks ago when they had just opened.

The good:

  • The people are SUPER nice. They seem genuine and authentic. Family business with a husband, wife and sister.
  • Everything we got was tasty and fresh. Good portions with nice flavor. Obvious care.
  • CLEAN. But also brand new.

The not great:

  • It is kind of pricey for what it is. I was expecting a sit down restaurant but this is more counter service and we ordered 2 entrees and an order of dumplings. With tip it was right around $50 if I remember right.
  • When we went they didn’t have a high chair. But they did JUST open so this may be handled now.

The “People of Matawan” seems to like it. :smile:

The people in that group are insane. I don’t know what it says about me that I am 1. in that group and 2. live here…

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Well, I’m in the group too. I don’t live in Matawan but use it to share my Matawan/Aberdeen restaurant reviews.

And yes, they are insane. The Middletown group is pretty bad but they are more whiney. The Matawan group people are cutthroat.

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I feel like I am close enough (Aberdeen) to be concerned! :rofl:

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Their prices do seem a little steep for that kind of operation… it would have been awesome if their entrees were just a few bucks cheaper. One one hand 20$ seems like a lot of money for a plate of galbi…on the other, that’s what they kind of go for these days I guess.

I ordered take-out the other day. I was pretty disappointed with the banchan and the “spicy” bulgogi pork I had. The white rice was good.


What didn’t you like about it?

Well, besides the price for portion ($16), the gojuchang/marinade was a bit too cloyingly sweet on the pork, just tasted indistinguishable from a bottled generic chinese/thai/asian sauce from the supermarket. And it simply wasn’t really spicy.

With the English translations on the menu, it’s hard to distinguish what items are what as well as far as the banchan. None of what I received had any pizzazz. Just take it or leave it banchan. The vermicelli noodles were a bit flavorless, the fishcake was fine, just forgettable, the Kkakdugi, I believe was not given to me, as it was simply daikon.

I get that Korean BBQ has gotten expensive (lookin at you Picnic Garden), but I just didn’t feel like it was $16 + tax well spent when compared to Bulbap Grill. (Which I’m also not a huge huge fan of).


All fair and agreed about the price and the spice level. I consider myself an enormous spice wuss and even I didn’t think the spicy was spicy. That is really saying something.

I will also say, with Koren BBQ in the name, I was expecting grills in the tables.



My Mom would call that comment: “Damning with faint praise.” :smile:


Bless your heart… :joy:


Pricy, and no Korean stews. Damn! :angry:(Yes, I know it’s a Korean BBQ, but Korean restaurants aren’t exactly thick on the ground here.)

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We went here last night as we had to quickly come up with plan b after we had planned (and been seriously craving big eds BBQ for at least a week). I’ve never seen big eds so crazy. No parking spots. Waited at least 5 minutes just to talk to a host and gave up.

The Korean place is painfully understaffed and if they don’t remediate that ASAP they will be in major trouble. Only the 2 owners were working. The phone was ringing off the hook and we saw multiple people come in wait for 5-10 minutes and leave without talking to anyone. We ate there. All the food was served in to-go containers. I’m assuming because they had no one to wash dishes. Food was alright. I ordered poke but got grilled salmon (she misheard me?) It was good and huge. Husband wasn’t impressed with his (but could also be biased since it obviously wasn’t ribs ha!) Baby devoured the beef dumplings. They are trying but they need more staff immediately.


Have you shared that with the “People of Matawan”? :smiley:

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Is that a fb group?

Yeah right! This is a group that can actually discuss food and restaurants. I would be crucified if I said this there!

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Yes, these people have wildly strong views on the local restaurants

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