Online groceries other than Amazon?

Ordering anything online other than from Amazon? Looking for ideas of where and inspiration of what to order.

(Not looking for grocery store delivery suggestions, thanks.)

You don’t mention where you are in the world so, unless you’re in the UK, it’s probably not helpful for me to actually name potential suppliers.

But, as a general idea, check out your local (and localish) retailers. I’ve found several possibilities - including two butchers who have decided to offer home delivery. Sources have come from some creative Googling and information from the likes of a local Facebook group. Now, I just need a regular supply of the likes of toilet paper and other non-food items and we’ ll be OK.

Thank you for the reply but As I said, I’m not looking for local grocery delivery options- I’m already aware of those and what they have (and mostly don’t have.)

I’m in Southern California, about an hour east of Los Angeles, in a heavily populated area that is still experiencing very empty store shelves.

Ordering anything online [groceries] other than from Amazon?

Bed Bath and Beyond
World Market
Katz Deli

I could go on forever.

I think it’s that transatlantic language barrier again. When you’d mentioned that you didnt want “grocery store” suggestions, I assumed that was what I would call a “supermarket”. Which is why I didnt suggest them but suggested local independent traders. If that also isnt what you’re interested in, then I’m afraid I have nothing to suggest. Sorry to have intruded on your efforts.

I appreciate the effort, I really do, but I don’t have equivalent stores here. There is no local “butcher shop” and all independent stores are currently closed, which is why I’m asking for online ideas.

This the last time I went to the store:

Horrible. what are your family and neighbors doing for shopping?

Fortunately for us I keep a well stocked kitchen and an earthquake emergency stash. Not huge but enough for a couple weeks.
Soon we’ll need fill in ingredients and fresh things so I’m seeing what I can find online and hoping the stores will get restocked better soon. Right now they stock at night and there is a line to get in before they open. It’s a heavily populated area so what the stores sells quickly right now.

I’d really like to avoid the lines and the crowds.

Weezie, I’m also in SoCal. Several local restaurants are providing groceries. Perhaps one is close to you? I’ve been doing Imperfect Produce delivers for a year plus, and right now they still seem to have nice selection of stuff, including fruits, meat, dairy etc.

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This may not apply in your area but it’s worth a shot. I’m not sure if you use Facebook? But I’m a member of a local Facebook group and there are quite a lot of food wholesalers who used to deliver to restaurants who are now delivering to individual retail customers. I’m assuming wholesalers in the US are having similar issues and need a new market.

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This will be my first try with Instacart. You can order from a list of local grocers, such as our local Costco and my favorite grocer. Just make sure to wear gloves when unpacking and disinfect as many surfaces as possible, as my research on the net indicate the virus may live on surfaces up to 9 days. And cardboard in particular can be troublesome. And I’m not a wingnut. You can find this info on the net.

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Hopefully , they won’t.

Whilst you may not have found the responses helpful, others may well do.


They’re welcome to start their own threads with their specific needs. I asked for online sources and received responses about what other people are doing in their specific locales. Those answers are totally useless to me since I’m not in any of those areas.

What a load of unpleasant and insulting claptrap. This is an open forum not your private preserve to dictate what happens. This is not a forum where discussion should be closed down because someone doesnt like the replies to their question. Get over it.


You are welcome to start a thread asking the same question in your local board in this case. I see one response that corresponds to your local though.


Why should they? You did not specify SoCal, and folks have given good suggestions. I’m still not sure what exactly you’re looking for, but agree with @Harters and @naf that this is an open forum and others may find the info provided useful. You may start a thread, but you don’t own it. There have been no abusive/derogatory posts here.

Perhaps start a new, more specific, thread on your local board.

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