ONION RINGS - To die for, Doobs!


You’re such a tease!

Well, I can’t get the photos to load! I’m on my phone. Will try again when I get home. Or maybe I’ll text them to you and you can post them!

Gimme something! Where are/were you?

At Willy Burger in Katy. Love this place. Fat, homemade burgers, and onion rings to die for. There’s a big vat of fresh sliced white onions just waiting to be ordered, then, and not before, they’re dipped into batter and deep-fried. Absolutely no redeeming social value whatsoever. I really recommend this place!


Jaymes’ Onion Rings

I still don’t know where this is tho’!

Oh! Never mind, she got in just before I did.


What a team we make. I take’em & you post’em. Thanks!

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Yum, how were the burgers? I see this is a Bucket List burger.

Put Willy Burger on the Day Trip Bucket List for you InnerLoopers.

It’s great.

I had the “HeeHaw” burger. Eight ounce hand formed patty with bacon, pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes and red pepper jelly. Outstanding.

I picked it mainly for the pimento cheese, a favorite burger topping of mine, but the green tomatoes and pepper jelly made the sandwich.

The onion rings were great.

Recommended! Thanks Jaymes!!