One thing thats always amused me...

There can be a bazillion reviews for a specific recipe featured on line, and a trillion of them will state: I followed the recipe exactly, except I…

I’ve always been amused by these comments.


SOMETIMES I’m amused, and sometimes I am curious about the source of the original recipe, and if there is a way to research it further…but not curious enough to try to find out!

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I’m pretty much incapable of exactly following a recipe, and that includes crafting, yarning, and sewing as well.

Onion? I’m using more; salt, I’m using less. White flour? Nope, white whole wheat… and so on. So I very rarely review recipes!


My favorites are the reviews that go " this recipe did not turn out well at all/did not like this recipe. I substituted this for that and left out this other thing etc…"


I see these recipes as nothing but a disaster . Recipe sabotage . This and that , cooking times . For sure .we will go with that . American test kitchen fried chicken for starters.

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Reminded me of my younger cooking days, I have always did that, or trying to be creative and wondered why things wasn’t working. One day I decided to start following closely all ingredients and steps, from then on I started to get some satisfactory result. But still there are many recipes out there, it is a waste of time and money.

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Yep - and some of those “excepts” make me gag!!

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