One of the Best PIzza's I've Eaten - Stanziato's in Danbury, CT

We have been meaning to try this place for a while, but have put it off due to tales of long lines. But, late pm on an August Friday seemed like a good time to give it a shot. It is a little pizza joint in a small strip mall, but set up for decent dining as opposed to pizza place dining. Our waitress was really good, very attentive and didn’t miss a thing. To start we shared an appetizer of wood fired bone marrow. Now, I have to admit to comparing everything to Fortina, which is my gold star for both wood fired bone marrow and pizza. The bone marrow was good and served with four pieces of bread that are soaked through with bone marrow extract. It remained crunchy and had a sweet taste. The bone marrow itself was good, but DH liked Fortina better. Probably because of the “luge” they do with pouring sherry down the bone and into your mouth once the marrow is done (on request and extra cost!). But I digress. It was also served with a parsley salad and the parsley was so flavorful and the lemon caper dressing perfect - not too tart at all. Then came one of the BEST pizza’s I have ever eaten. We both ordered the extra cheesy but since a truffle pie was a special that night, DH asked for truffles on his pie (so much for my cheap night out). The crust was thin but not crispy, and nicely chewy. Unfortunately, I can’t really describe it! But it’s just as good, if not better, than Fortina. DH loved his too but the truffles had no taste. They also had a nice craft beer list (on tap) and some decent wines by the glass.

I do feel compelled to add that there was a table behind us with a young child who was the loudest kid I have ever heard in my life and he tended to scream - an ear piercing sound that apparently his parents were oblivious to. Thank goodness they left before our pizza came. I guess that’s the danger of going early!

We ended the meal with a cup of Lavazzo espresso. I can’t wait to go back, although with fall coming it may be harder to get in!!

Good review, Gwenn.

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I don’t like it.

Thanks, Dee. I think I dreamed about that pizza last night! I don’t mind them using my posts to try and attract people here. I wish our board would ramp up! Check out NJ lately!

Cool. If it’s okay with you, Gwenn, it’s okay with me.

I look forward to trying out the pizza. I put it on my ‘restaurants to try’ list, getting longer and longer.:grinning:

I’m heating a piece now. Smells incredible!