One night in LA

I am making my first business trip back to LA since the before time. I am that crazy NYer that used to do day trips to LA for a meeting. Take the first flight out from JFK to LAX, have a meeting then lunch and then head back to the airport to take the 4:00 flight back. People thought I was nuts but I preferred to sleep in my own bed rather than getting up at 5:00 am to take the first flight back to JFK and lose the entire day. So I am breaking with my usual routine and flying out the day before my meeting so I have a free night. Staying downtown. Looking for recommendations for a solo diner. What would be interesting?


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I haven’t been to Jose Andres’ new restaurant, San Laurel, yet (I’m saving up.), but I was wowed by his old Los Angeles restaurant, Bazaar.

Also, Andres is such a humanitarian that he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.