One Mighty Mill bagels and flour [Lynn, MA]

I had been wanting to drive to Lynn to One Mighty Mill, which opened in September. They’re milling “transitional organic wheat” from Maine for bagels, pretzels, tortillas, and flour to be sold at retail. Transitional organic apparently means that the land where the wheat is grown was farmed conventionally and Is now being switched over, which is a process that takes years.

Well, it turns out that One Mighty Mill came to me first because their bagels and flour debuted in my local Whole Foods this weekend. Maybe in yours too if you live in the Boston area? Products are also in some Roche Brothers, Formaggio, and a few other locations according to One Mighty Mill’s website.

We had their everything bagels toasted for breakfast this morning and found them to be remarkably tender inside with a pleasant bagel chew on the outside. Nice and compact, too. Nothing like those monster bready bagels that seem to have taken over the world.

On the minus side, we thought these bagels didn’t have enough of that characteristic bagel chew to them and skimped on the everything flavor, though my guess is the baker wants the flour to shine through. If so, mission accomplished.

One Mighty Mill’s owners previously started the b.good chain, so I can only imagine we’ll be seeing their products in more places before long.


On first (internet) glance, they looked a bit poufy (which you’ve addressed by mentioning the exterior chew) and lacking in spice coating (which you confirm). I’ll be on the lookout at North Shore Whole Foods, although we usually get Wicked Bagel (always everything flavor) these days. Haven’t seen One Mighty Mill in our Arlington shop.

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Another way to describe the One Mighty Mill Everything bagel might be bagel adjacent. It’s not 100% what I have in mind when I think of a bagel, though we will probably pick some up now and then.

One Mighty Mill flour might be used to better advantage in other baked items, I wonder.


I find that term both original and hilarious! :grinning:


Anything to put a smile or a smile adjacent expression on your face.