One meal in Frankfurt please...

I have an overnight connection flying home from Venice in late October.

We arrive in Frankfurt late afternoon (arriving 4:35 PM) and depart early the following morning.

I’ve booked a room at the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof for the night.

I’m looking for one really good dinner option.

I had the historic Haus Wertheym on my radar, but most of the online reviews that I’ve read suggest that we should simply stop in for a pint and to admire the setting, rather than eat a full meal.

I’m open to any kind of cuisine, but preferably something local or regional (ie. Western European) and anything from market stall to fine dining works.


UPDATE: Since posting this, I’ve stumbled upon “Apfelwein Wagner” which seems to be just what I was looking for! Anyone familiar with this place?

I’ve just come across another interesting looking place, Zum Gemalten Haus.

Can anyone point me in the right direction between this and Adolph Wagner?


I just spent $75/person change fee to push our flight itinerary back to later in the evening… who the hell wants to be in Frankfurt when they could be eating another meal in Venice?!? :smile:

I’ve only been through Frankfurt a couple of times on layovers and it always struck me as a particularly unattractive city. A final afternoon in Frankfurt just seemed like a major downer after 10 nights on the Grand Canal. I guess the lack of response or enthusiasm to my original post affirms that.

Hi Oliver,
I feel sort of guilty confirming what you said in your post about Frankfurt being a major downer at the end of a long, wonderful trip… but Frankfurt is a downer at the end of a long, wonderful trip. :slight_smile: I have variously read that Frankfurt is not a readily lovable city and requires time and patience to get to know. We had one afternoon and evening and that was one afternoon and evening too long.

That said, we had a really great meal at an apfelwein bar in Sachsenhausen at Proletariat Schreiber-Heyne and that was truly the best part of being in Frankfurt. The waitress was really great despite our mutual lack of understanding (her of English and us of German) and the food was really typical German food executed well. Beer, not so good, to my husband’s dismay, and we didn’t get the apfelwein because it was a pitcher that neither of us really wanted. The schnitzel, sausages, and accompaniments were all hearty and delicious and the atmosphere is a trip. Not fine dining by any means but a fun place that seems like a healthy mix of tourists and locals.

Whatever you do, enjoy!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ve had a couple of long stopovers in Frankfurt before, so I have an incredibly basic (and not particularly favorable) sense of the city. I’ve only ever left the airport once, after an early morning touch-down en route from Israel to San Francisco.

We caught a cab to the city center and kindly requested that the driver take us to the best local breakfast place in town; only requisite was good quality GERMAN food. He drove us to a McDonald’s. I’m not kidding. We spent the next 30 minutes or so rushing through the streets, trying desperately to find a place - any place - that was open. It was roughly 8 AM and we had approx. one hour before we had to cab back to the airport.

We finally stumbled onto a traditional looking deli that appeared to be slingin’ homemade sausages with quality cheeses and freshly baked bread. Great, we thought, and then… CASH ONLY!

We spent the remaining half hour of our time in Frankfurt running around town trying to find an ATM that was compatible with our cards… we had a stockpile of plastic in our pocket: Visa, AmEx, MC, Debit, you name it. Not one single ATM in that godforsaken city worked! We tried convenience stores, banks, we even ran into an int’l travel agency for help. Nobody spoke English, not even in the travel agency which was in the lobby of a youth hostel. We were not having any luck. Miraculously, just as our tireless efforts and lofty breakfast aspirations began to disintegrate, we managed to somehow withdraw cash, literaly as the ticker was winding down to zero hour.

We bought some stupid frankfurters and cheese and ate it in a taxi on the way back to the airport. That’s my one and only experience of the city, and yet somehow, despite it being colored by the extremely aggravating circumstances, I don’t think my impressions would have changed very much otherwise. I know it’s an unfair generalization but in my very short time between transit, I found what little we saw of the city to be kind of ugly and depressing; it felt really down at the heels. The people were not the friendliest we’ve encountered in our travels either, but I suppose our limited time and exposure was hardly enough to form a balanced opinion. I’ve not read many enthusiastic opinions from others though.

Anyhow, all that to say… I actually canceled and rescheduled our return flight a couple of weeks ago, gladly incurring a $75/person fee, just to book a later 7:05 pm departure so that we could fit in one more meal in Venice!! :smile:

Who wants to leave the most romantic city in all of Europe to spend an afternoon in Frankfurt?? Haha Unfortunately, I booked our Frankfurt hotel on an earlier prepaid rate, before rearranging our itinerary, so while it would now make way more sense to check into an airport Sheraton, clock out, and leave the next morning… we still have to drive into the city to spend the night. That’s all we’ll be doing though. I’m milking every last second that I can get out of Venice… we’re looking at Frankfurt as a place to sleep for the night and nothing more. We’re arriving after 9pm so we’ll most likely just check into our hotel, reminisce about our enchanting week in Venice, and not leave the room again until it’s time to leave for the airport.

That is quite a story and I can see how it colored your view of Frankfurt! We spent the night at the airport Hilton Garden (which is extremely convenient) and though I am so happy we got our delicious meal we would have been much less aggravated had we just eaten in “The Squaire” (the shopping mall type attachment to the airport that the Hilton is in).

We live in close proximity to NYC and have been to numerous big cities in the US and in non-English speaking countries in Europe and never, never, never have we had so much difficulty navigating public transportation. To reach Sachsenhausen was a complete nightmare that involved a train ride and then a 45 minute walk along the putrid river. I will never forget that all of Frankfurt smelled of garbage. Again, this is coming from the NYC area which is none too fragrant in the summer. Getting back to our hotel required more mental gymnastics and running to catch trains, along with a complete lack of clarity with where trains were going and where they would stop… Not to mention the airport itself which brought me to tears at one point as we tried to navigate back to our hotel. The airport is an illogical labyrinth of dead-end signs and confusing, seemingly random letters and numbers.

We had come from a blissful week and a half in easy-to-navigate Switzerland and quaint, bucolic Alsace in France and that last night in Frankfurt threatened to ruin our vacation high; however, we managed to put it behind us! I also can’t complain too much because the airfare to and from Frankfurt was so low, in JULY!!, that I thought it was a mistake.

I hope Venice is wonderful! Enjoy!

Sorry to have missed this post earlier this summer before your trip. I lived in Frankfurt briefly and could have given you some better options than McDonald’s. Sorry to hear that your time in Frankfurt was such a disappointment. I hate when that happens, especially when traveling and on a short time frame. If you head back there again, let me know and I can give you some suggestions, based on what you’re craving…

Apfelwein Wagner isn’t a place I would recommend for food-it’s more a tourist trap and perhaps a stop for drinking apfelwein.