One meal in Birmingham

Hi all,

Next month I’ll be up in Birmingham from London for one night. I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a restaurant for my only meal? I’m open to any budget and cuisine, just want some great food. The only constraints are I’ll be arriving on the train at 9pm, so need somewhere open fairly late, and somewhere easily reachable from the centre without a car.

The only place I’ve eaten at before is Lasan.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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I had a lovely, deeply unpretentious meal at Shababs in the Balti triangle earlier this year:

Amazing quality of breads and fantastically charred meats alongside some great baltis (I seem to remember the specials were the pick) It was all v cheap!

Thanks for this Hyperion, I’ll take a look.

Someone off-board has also recommended Malaysian Delight as worth visiting.

Just bumping this topic as I’ll be in Birmingham again soon. Any don’t-miss recommendations for central Birmingham?

Justin may know Dean!


It’s few years since I ate there but Shiraz was a pretty decent Iranian gaff. It’s on Hagley Road just outside the city centre. I think it’s an easy walk from the centre, although I’ve always stayed in hotels on the same road, as the conference I attend was in Edgbaston.

Mrs H & I had our “office Xmas party” at Purnells a year or so ago. Great meal if you wanted the full Michelin. But he also has a bistro - not tried it but I guess it would be good.

Thanks John. I should have updated the thread after I went, I’m a bit slow! I did try out Malaysian Delights, which I think had its heart in the right place but its prices were too low to produce good quality food.

For those interested in good craft beer (and I am told good coffee, but I don’t touch the stuff myself) Tilt in the centre of town had a small but extremely well curated selection.

I was last in Brum a few years ago but I remember some very good real ale/craft beer pubs in the centre with lots of small brewary draught - one a little old post office.