One lunch on Topeka

The day after our 10k walk in Lincoln, we’ll do another in Topeka, so we’re looking for a good place for lunch there.



I’d head to Lawrence, 20 miles east.

Any place in particular in Lawrence?

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Too late for John but I was just told about this joint. :slight_smile:

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Better late than never :smile_cat:

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Well, we’re back. We were only on the road for three nights, and only in KC about 36 hours. Here are the results.
Porky Butts in Omaha was good KC-style meats, especially the wagyu brisket, and the burnt ends (under the tongs) were good, despite the sweet glaze…

and the fries with the pork sandwich were excellent

A pork sandwich from a Topeka food truck was okay

In Kansas City, we had a good KC-style dinner at Jack Stack, which is a pretty upscale setting, but not really expensive.


Had I only waited. I probably would have frozen, but chili would hit the spot

Porubsky’s was a Roadfood staple, a place Jane and Michael discovered many moons ago.
Also famous for their incendiary horseradish pickles.

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The horseradish pickles sound interesting, and the idea of eating them with chili is attractive. I usually eat sour pickles (ot half sour) with chili, and I’m a big horseradish fan. pounded an assertive pickle to stand up to chili.

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