One lunch in Lincoln, NE

We’ll be there doing a 10k walk in a couple of weeks and would love a good place for lunch. We’ll have dinner with a friend in Omaha and spend the night there. He’s picked out the restaurant.

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Can’t help with Lincoln, though we’ll confess that the time we drove through Omaha on I-80, we didn’t know about the cult of:

@AudreyFromNE , do you have any recs for @johntannerbbq ?

I had a superb lunch at Rendang, a Malaysian restaurant in Lincoln. According to Google Maps, it is temporarily closed right now, but it might be worth calling. Yelp still lists them as being open.

Another place you might consider is MoMo Pizzeria and Ristorante, but it is nowhere near the central core of Lincoln.

The other food I had in Lincoln was middling.

Interestingly enough, there is credible evidence that the reuben sandwich was invented in Omaha and it is very much a big deal there, with at least five long-standing traditional and ‘historic’ places that feature it. I went to one of those places (Crescent Moon), and it was the worst rueben I’ve ever had. Meager and way too much Russian dressing.


We had a really wonderful brunch at the Green Gateau in Lincoln a few years ago when we were visiting for a wedding - truly memorable chicken fried steak. Take a look at their menu and see if it interests you!

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Gorat’s sounds good. With luck my dinner will fall through

Your friend might have already reserved a table at Gorat’s

No, it’s a barbecue place. He’s the Barbecue Tourist blog and The Smoke Sheet newsletter.

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Not sure that poster is active here.

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that looks good. Thanks!

Thanks! Those are possibilities – except of rate bad Reubens. Rending has been dark on Facebook since July10 after a pattern of posts every few days. I’ll do a last minute check. A lot of this will depend on the clock.
We fly DC-KC, drive to Lincoln, do 10k walk, drive to Omaha, meet friend for dinner.

What dates?

Oct. 7 – next Friday. Then on to Topeka and KC on the 8th, home on Monday. Will you be around?

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