One in NC and a bbq and hash and rice tour of SC

Stop #1 was Bum’s in Ayden, NC, one of the very best in ENC.


Superb heirloom collards (certified Bum Dennis Collards) and now they have a new cornbread that is an actually excellent cornbread which is rare in hushpuppy-centric NC.

Stop 2, Shuler’s in Latta SC, with my favorite mustard-based sauce.

The liver hash was pretty strong, but I was able to tame it an enjoyed it quite a bit. The pork was excellent. The odd chicken piece ruined out to be white meat, but it was nice and moist.

Next stop was Brown’s in Kingstree.

It’s mainly a huge buffet, all sorts of meet and down hoe vegetables, but I exercised discretion
The pork has a great vinegar-pepper sauce, but zero smoke. sigh! It was another liver hash nd this one was pretty harsh, with no useful tools to tame it other than Texas Pete.

More to follow. All of these, of course, are on my blog – with an explanation of hash…