On top of Manhatta

Way back in the late 20th century when I started my professional career, I spent time in many meetings at what used to be One Chase Manhattan Plaza. Occasionally I would get up to the executive floor on 60. Jamie Dimon and his minions have moved on. The top floor has been home to Manhatta for a few years now. Danny Meyer took over the space and has turned it into one hell of a destination that is leagues beyond what the 20 something version of myself encountered.

Manhatta has one of the most spectacular views around. Tourists pay $$ to go up to viewing platforms. I would rather go to a bar with as good a view and for the money have a few cocktails.

During Covid, Manhatta served a bar menu. It’s now gone back to full service dining.

We showed up for dinner one night last week when it was blustery and raining. Perfect night to be sitting by a big picture window on the 60th floor. Me and my lousy timing. :person_shrugging:

As with any DM restaurant, the service is top notch. We checked in with the receptionist on the ground floor, dropped our coats off and took the express up to 60 where we were met by a greeter who took us to our table.

While the view wasn’t clear, it was moody and evocative in a Blade Runner sort of way.

Time for a cocktail. What to choose? A Manhattan of course!

Is there a more gorgeous coupe than this one?

My lovely wife stuck with her standby G&T. There is a single ice cube in the glass that runs full length from bottom to top.

The amuse was an oyster topped with zabaglione and uni.

Just a lovely fancy oyster shooter. I could have had a dozen.

We decided to do the 3 course prix fixe.

The lovely wife started with crab and caviar.

I had scallops with a sauce made with smoked trout eggs. Our server said the sauce was the best thing he has ever tasted as he poured the sauce over. He left the little pot it came in with the extra sauce. Then brought over more bread so we could wipe it out and clean up the plate and pot.

The wife had the trout for her main.

I went with the dry aged beef.

Just solid well executed dishes. Not fireworks but still pretty damn near perfect.

The dessert amuse if that’s the right thing to call it. Almost like a creamy marshmallow.

Then the real desserts. I only took a picture of my Chai Tea Cake. This was like the best little spice cake you’ve ever had.

All in all a wonderful dinner. If you’re familiar with Danny Meyer’s restaurants this is an exemplar. For what you get I would call it a huge value too.

A wonderful place for a dinner or just to drop by after work for a drink and a burger.


That photograph of the view is spectacular; looks like a painting!

Made a return visit.

This time the sky was clear.

Had the Red Hook cocktail. Made with maraschino cherry. Does anyone know if the cherry plant is still there?

The oyster amuse as usual to start

Had the bbq eel and bone marrow to start. It was good, but not as good as the scallops from last time.

Duck for the main. There was a side of flatbread stuffed with duck that you see in the background. I would have preferred to have a giant one of those alone. That was worth the price of dinner. The duck was very good, but that flatbread was amazing.

I don’t recall what dessert was called but it was gone in no time.

Another fabulous dinner. Highly recommended.


The lovely wife and I decided to meet after work at the bar this week. The main bar area was full so we went into the newly opened Bay Room. Very comfortable with booths and sofa seating. No reservations needed which makes it ideal for a last minute decision.

Some pretty spectacular views south over the harbor.

Had a fantastic whiskey sour shaken with egg whites for a frothy top.

Ordered a bunch of small plates.

Pretzel rolls with mustard cream cheese

Warm oysters topped with sabayon and uni

Asparagus and burrata with edible flowers. The only dish I remembered to take a picture of before deconstructing it.

Then split a burger. This may be the best burger in the city.

A wonderful place for a spur of the moment date night with your significant other.


This strikes me as a good idea.

What a fun early summer date!

Amazing views!!

looks like a lovely meal, and brings back memories of being an officer of Chase in the late 80s-early 90s whe that space contained the Officers Dining Room serving an excellent restaurant quality lunch every day. What a great perk - including bananas foster and other flambeed items and once a year Oysters Rockefeller in honor of the founding family.