On being obese

Pretty interesting ideas in play…


I remember when I was a kid, being fat could be a blessing for certain careers, especially a fat doctor was not seen as a bad sign, rather a thin doctor would be suspicious. Same as a fat chef. But those days were long gone now.


Was just about to post this here. Very interesting read.


When my wife and I started seeing med pros for weight loss and guidelines it took a long time to find drs that would listen and go the distance. Today, if I see any sign of impatience from any aspect of healthcare I walk out.

Its a waste of time and money to seek care and get treated like a case file.

Shaming of any kind makes me ill.


Thank you for sharing this.
Thank you a thousand times.

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As mentioned in the article, doctors rarely know what they’re talking about when it comes to weight or weight loss. My husband just saw a new GP who immediately told him he was overweight and needed to do something about it - despite the fact that he is 100 lbs lighter than he was 15 years ago and in excellent shape from a cardiovascular standpoint. He exercises (weights and HIIT) 4-5 times a week and eats low-carb - what the hell MORE is he supposed to do? At 6’3 and 230 lbs he is still somewhat overweight in terms of BMI, but given where he came from, I don’t understand why any doctor would do anything other than congratulate him on his health-promoting lifestyle changes and tell him to keep up the good work.


Believe me you are singing to a choir member! We met our indiv goals and maintain well but we still come across horrible stories from friends and family who had similar challenges getting solid and appropriate healthcare.

I hope anyone dealing with body shaming doesnt listen to idiotic time wasting and finds what makes them happy and healthy from mavericks in medicine not morons.


Totally agreed! Although in practice, I don’t know if it is possible, since there is a huge shortage of doctors in France.

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You’re not wrong but the time and money wasted isnt right either.

I have seen drs while working a tour outside the US too and it was a real pain in the arse. I still fight the good fight when necessary