OMG - Some of these burgers are just too much!

I used to be able to eat a lot. As I age this has changed. I’m just trying to decide if it is that old age that makes me look at these burgers and wince rather than salivate:


Am I the only one that prefers my bacon at breakfast and not complicating my simple but elegant burger :hamburger:?


I didn’t see one burger in that slideshow that a normal eater could pick up by hand and eat without risking the insides all falling out. :thinking:

And being that I’m not an Anaconda, I can’t unhitch my jaw to make my mouth open wider…


There’s nothing wrong with 8 ounces of prime beef topped with two slices of good bacon and some quality cheese, preferably cooked medium rare, but this was all fast food crap. No different than any of the other items on their menus.


None of us is geting any younger. But those burgers didn’t even look very appetizing.

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All the burger chains are trying to one up the others with the next ridiculous concoction just like the pizza and fried chicken places.

The only winners are the ad agencies.


It’s been a long time since stepping foot in a sports bar where the “signature” burger highlighted at menu’s top features bacon and cheese, but we have ordered it to experience “the experience” with others in the paarty. (And, there is one that we know that substituted pastrami for bacon for its rabid fan nation.)

All that said, we have never ordered a burger chain monster (anaconda jaw syndrome?), let alone come across a trendy menu that included a “deconstructed” burger with both bacon and cheese on the plate.


Reminds me of the musical “Tell Me on a Sunday” where she talks about how you need “Goliath’s mouth” to eat a New York sandwich.