Omakase Recommendations

I did a few searching around but I couldn’t find much recently on the topic. I decided that I don’t want a birthday present this year but have a real omakase experience. Location in NYC doesn’t matter. I don’t want to spend more than like $200 or so per person (not including drinks).


I love 15 East (which is now at Toqueville) but haven’t been in about 3 years.

Take a look at Amane, Noda, Azabu, Noz, Shoji at 69 Leonard, Takahachi, even Yasuda (even though Yasuda-san returned to Japan several years ago).

For more reasonably priced try Blue Ribbon Sushi or Ushiwakamaru.


THANK YOU! Will dig through the list!

If you need still more info, you might cruise over to Food Talk Central. Lotta sushi bros over there, and they post about NY in addition to LA.


Thanks! Never heard of that group. Appreciate it!

I don’t remember what it cost, but our meal at Shabu Shabu Macoron was stellar. Worth every penny.

I’m not a purist, so I really enjoy Gari and Seki.

Last I checked Gari uptown had not reopened for dine-in, but it may have by now (Seki is open).

Perhaps not on the main radar are Takeda and Yasaka on the UWS and Inase and Tanoshi on the UES.

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A shabu shabu omakase. Interesting!

OP - were you looking for sushi only or a combination of cooked courses and sushi?

I’m open to all suggestions!

I like Juku. A bit under the radar. Price fits well within your budget.

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We went last night here which was recommended by a friend a listed in one of the linked articles.

Wow. We loved it completely. What a fantastic experience. Start to finish. Only 6 diners and the staff was incredible. Highly highly recommend. Pricey because we had a bit of sake and some extra sushi. Worth every penny! Sorry only one pic!

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