Omakase in Monmouth County NJ?

How many people was this for?

That looks like a wonderful spread for 35 a person! Great pics too! This place looks like HOdown material for me. Who wants to set it up? :slight_smile:

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This was for two.

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Have you tried the ayce at mizu?

We tried it once when it first opened. We did not like it because it seemed the sushi you got was different than the sushi customers were ordering that was not on the ayce menu, and it did not seem to be the best quality. This might be totally changed, but it was very weird the way you had to order as well. You could only order small portions at a time, basically one of each item on the ayce menu, which was very limited, in my opinion. The meal took a very long time because you had to wait so long for service between each order. I also thought the proportion of rice to sushi was high. I understand this is owned by the same people that own Aji in Long Branch. Again, things might be totally different now, it was over a year ago that we went, but unimpressed enough that when we left we knew we would not be interested in returning.

I have only been twice for lunch and I agree with your thoughts. I don’t know if dinner is any better, but for 16 bucks it wasn’t a bad lunch. I was just not enticed to go back for dinner. I’m not a huge aji fan either. It isn’t bad but nothing really does it for me there.

Wasabi 34 is open for indoor dining. Note that they are closed Mondays, and close between lunch and dinner.

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As noted in another thread, Wasabi 34 has always had their tables almost all six feet apart. When we went today at 1PM, there were only two other tables occupied, and the distancing was more like twelve feet.

This, by the way, was our first restaurant meal in fourteen months. (I don’t count the diner breakfast during the Christmas power outage.) Not sure what’s next–tomorrow we’ll get take-out Mexican, because El Rinconcito is just too small, and Los Corrales doesn’t have a molcajete. Then we have several days’ worth of leftovers in the refrigerator, so it will be a while.

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We just had our first family meal out in a year and a half at Proving Ground in Highlands. The tables outside are spaced far apart and the food & view are great.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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