Olivier's Butchery, Dogpatch, SF

Olivier sells top quality, humanely and healthfully grown, French cut meat. Not supermarket prices, but orders of magnitude higher in table quality and ethics. He offers a monthly “box” as well as in-store daily product. Not all cuts available at all times, but you know that what you buy at any time will be superb. Plus it is lovely to be able to buy French cuts, which are so different from American butchering style.


We call it a “meat museum.” Though I haven’t done a comprehensive side-by-side, Olivier’s seems less expensive than Avedano’s (though I like Avedano’s for a number of reasons).

Yes, they are my favorite, with good quality to price ratio. My favorites are the hangar steak (really flavorful), their chicken roti, Korean short ribs, and boneless lamb shoulder. Pricing is usually a dollar or two cheaper per pound than whole foods, great for everyday meals and we will splurge on holidays and get one of the premium cuts.

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