Olive Garden called upon to get antibiotics out of its food

“The bacteria are linked to an estimated 23,000 human deaths and 2 million illnesses every year in the United States.”

This claim bothers me. I’d like to see valid attribution that backs it up. .

I was skeptical also but according to CDC it’s so.


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Thank you for the follow on, cath.

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You betcha. I have some medical/scientific background so tend to look pretty closely at large numbers :slight_smile:

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80% of antibiotics in the U.S. are used in agriculture, creating superbugs, in animals and even on produce. First read that in the NY Times in 1985 or so, I believe. Here’s a 2014 discussion: http://time.com/2825/new-report-claims-fda-allowed-high-risk-antibiotics-to-be-used-on-farm-animals/