Oldest LA Mexican Restaurants

My friend Elise has a post from her friend about LA Mexican Restaurants.


That was a fun ride down memory lane as I have eaten at many of those places. They might all be old but some have held up better than others. Ate at Mijares in Pasadena a few years ago and it was almost inedible. So bad we were sad.

I have no idea how this person thinks San Juan Capistrano is with in an hours drive from Downtown LA. She must fly. I am sure she will get plenty of suggestions for additions. I can quickly think of a few off the top of my head that must qualify.

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Our first LA Mexican restaurant visit was El Cholo; most recent Tito’s.

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Ohhhhh - El Cholo, El Coyote, El Abajeno… miss these places. we don’t have a lot of good old-school mexi-restaurants here in SF, mostly taquerias.

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