Old School BBQ in Koreatown

What’s the top old-school Korean BBQ place in Koreatown/Herald Square these days? Anything that can compare with Murray Hill?


Kang Ho Dong Baekjong is in my view one of the best for the food. The bbq has a lot of choices and is great. The jigaes are also very good.

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What Korean places do you recommend in Murray Hill?

What are your reference points? Some examples of places you enjoy would help.

I totally failed to follow-up this thread, but I will now since the topic is of perennial interest to me. My gold standard in NYC K-Town was a place named after the Appgujeong district in Seoul. It was transliterated differently–maybe App Goo Jong–and located on the south side of 32nd St. near 5th Avenue. Its heyday was sometime between 1998-2006.

It’s not that it was so amazing, but it was consistently very good in an old school way.