Old Heidelberg and other boardwalk eats (Keansburg, NJ)

So I popped in here with a couple of my buddies yesterday and I was so happy to discover this place. I generally don’t bother eating at any boardwalk places because they tend to be overpriced and shitty, but not here.

A hot dog here is only 3.50. Toppings are 75 cents. They were absolutely freaking delicious. The same kind they sell at the Windmill for like 6 bucks.

Domestic beers are 3 bucks and they give it to you in a frosty mug.

Fries are 4 bucks, a little small for the money but they are home made and crinkle cut. Only 50 cents for cheese. I would personally skip the fries and get another hot dog in the future, but not bad.

Everyone there was super nice and friendly, this is my kind of place for eating at the boardwalk!

Anyone have any other spots in the Keansburg area?

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Keansburg is generally a food wasteland. I cannot think of any town in this area that has literally nothing noteworthy, except maybe Port Monmouth.

However, Olde Heidelberg is a staple that has been around what, 100 years? Have not been since I was a child with my family but I remember we enjoyed it. Place is still beloved and is at a higher level than most boardwalk stands within the amusement park.

I will, though, call your attention to Miami Club which is a short walk from Heidelberg. Great wings and rum buckets!


I remember passing by Miami Club as I was leaving, but it wasn’t open. Those wings do look pretty tasty though!

Not Keansburg, but I’m trying my darnest to get my ass over to Keyport fishery. And Ader’s Tavern which someone here (I think you or CJ) recommended.


Ah, Ader’s. Yeah. Might want to pass on that.

Burger was not standout by any means, especially with that “best burger” moniker. That and everyone will turn around and look at you when you walk in. And intermittent stares as you eat.

Try to find the thread and my review.