Old fashioned relish tray foods

Little finger food appetizers are common to many cultures. There is a lot of overlap. Between the relish trays of the American South and French crudités which are often associated with charcuterie and whatever Italians call their groaning boards. For the latter I can only offer, again:
or http://www.kappit.com/img/pics/20141210_112814_efagebh.png if it doesn’t load correctly.

I certainly remember celery, carrots, cornichons, and black olives. I first encountered green olives stuffed with pimentos on a relish tray (five years old? six?). Probably refrigerator pickles and watermelon pickles as well.

I have looked at this plate a couple of times and it’s just occurred to me the vegs are not real! :rofl:

Would use anything that can go in the dishwasher.

That’s funny. One of my dads relatives was into melamine table wear and we all have diff pcs passed down from that collection. A lot of the pieces are illustrated. There’s a melamine tv dinner set around here somewhere we pull it out for movie nights. The plates have sections like a tin tray and a large popcorn tub.

That’s cool and fun. Don’t throw them out. Maybe one can still find this kind of thing at charity/second hand shops.

Melamine is still popular in Asia. I see it all the time but don’t remember if they have imprint of illustrated food on any piece.

And to keep it on topic, I don’t remember this trend (when was it?) but I support eating more vegs so bring back the trend!

I know using that tray by laying the vegetables exactly where they are illustrated, following the pattern, has played a role in guests eating the vegetables. Kids enjoy it.

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Absolutely incredibly splendid servingware.

Sorry to hear about your loss. All my condolences.

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Thank you @Barca!
It has been almost 14 years since my first wife passed away. I was very fortunate to find the current Mrs. P to help ease the pain.

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I had not known this …

Pleased to hear that you have found a partner … All my best wishes.

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Yo, I’m with you on the canned black olives: pure nostalgia. Used to stick them on each of my fingers as a kid. Tomorrow is my first thanksgiving away from my parents (I’m 35 haha) and I will miss the whole tray.